Click on "Service Catalog"

Click on the "CTE" Folder in the navigation pane on the left.

Select "CTE Purchase Request" 

Click on the "CTE Purchase Request Form" Link in the description.

Click on "Download" in the top Right hand corner.

When the Form opens in the New Tab fill out all the necessary information.

Once the Form is filled out Click on the printer in the top right hand corner. (DO NOT PRINT)

In the left navigation pane click the "Change" button. 

In the "Select a Destination" Menu, Double-Click on "Save as PDF" 

Click "Save"

Return to the "CTE Purchase Request" Page in FreshService and attach the form using the "Attach a File" link in the Navigation Pane on the right.

Select your document, then click "Open".

Fill out the "Teacher Name",  "School Name", and "How will these items be used in your classroom?"  field. 

Finally, click "Place Request" to submit your request to the CTE Director for approval.