Here are the settings for the Mac OS AS400 connection (TN5250 v4.3)


· Launch TN5250 from Mac Dock or Applications Menu

· Click configure from Menu Bar

· Choose “Server” tab

· Delete the current address and enter

· Then click next tab “Advanced”

               (Depending on version of the TN5250 program)

               Make sure  these have a check beside them  (Others can also have a check but these need to be checked if not already)

· Auto connect

· Confirm Exit

· Send Keep Alive

· Ignore Field Check

· Ignore PreHelp


Close Settings box and close program

Relaunch program and system should connect

(if user name and password were saved in “Server Tab” of configuration – System will sign you in

If they were not supplied, the system will ask you to sign in. There is no RSS defined way this should be set so its

Really up to the user as a preference)