Additional Device Request

Last updated: 2/1/18



This guide will show you the process to follow to order additional equipment for a new member of your school.



1. Log into Fresh Service

a. URL:

b. Use email credentials to log in

2. Select the “NEW” Button

a. In the drop down please select “Service Request”

3. Select “New Technology Request”

a. Click on the device/bundle you need



b. Select your school in the drop down “School Name”

c. Click Place Request

d. NOTE: This will need to be done for each device/bundle you require (i.e. need two student bundles you will need to do two requests)

4. Service Request will be sent to Andrew for Approval

5. Once approved the Service Request will be assigned to the Inventory System Manager

6. The Inventory System Manager will fulfill the items in the request and get them into the corresponding technician’s possession



· If there are any items missing from the catalog, please email the current Inventory System Manager and it will be added upon approval


· You should be able to see the status of the request in your tickets however if you require a status update please reach out

· Any suggestions for improvements are always welcome