VOIP Quick Reference

I - Transfer Phone Calls


1. To transfer an active call, press the TRAN button on the phone, dial the four or six digit extension of the party you’re forwarding to, then press TRAN again.

2. If you have a quick-dial button on your phone for the party you’re trying to transfer to, you can just press that button to transfer an active call. You do not have to press the TRAN key.

II - Transfer Directly to Voicemail


1. Type 03 in front of the extension. For example, if you’re transferring a call to 999101’s voicemail, you would press TRAN>03999101>TRAN.

Note: This also works if you’d like to call somebody’s voicemail to leave them a message but do not want to cause their phone to ring. Simply dial 03+extension.

2. If you have a quick dial button, you can simply press 03 and then the quick dial button to transfer the active call. You do not have to press the TRAN key.

III - Put A Call On Hold

1. If you have a phone call you need to place on hold, simply press the Hold key either on the face of the phone or underneath the screen. You can then pick the call back up by pressing the button beside the line on hold.

IV – Call Parking


1. Call parking is a feature that allows you to “hold” a call on a separate line so that it can be picked up from anywhere. To park an active call you dial *** during the call. You will hear a message giving you the 3-digit line where the call is parked.

2. To pick up a parked call you can go to any VOIP phone in the district and dial the 3-digit parking code where the call is parked. This will resume the parked call on your phone.

Note: A parked call can be picked up from anywhere in the district so if you accidentally pick up another school’s parked call, just park the call again.


V - Set Up Your Voicemail

[MESSAGE]>Follow the prompts

1. To set up your voicemail greeting and password, simply press the MESSAGE button on your own phone and follow the instructions. Your finance secretary or data manager should have access to your default voicemail passcode, but if they do not have it or the code you have is not working, please contact your school’s technician or the district phone support technician to have it reset.

Note: Please be assured that nobody in the district can see your voicemail passcode once you have changed it. We can reset it for you but at no time can we see the code you’ve chosen when setting up the mailbox.

2. If you do not have a phone, you can follow the instructions in Part VII to set up your voicemail from another phone.

VI – Change Your Voicemail Password


1. To change your voicemail password at any time, press the MESSAGE key on the phone (or dial 5000 and enter your extension if using a phone besides your own).

2. Enter your old password, followed by the # sign.

3. Select option 5, then option 1.

4. Enter your new password followed by the # sign. The system will not prompt you for the # key but it IS required.

5. Repeat step 4 to verify the new password.

Note: If you don’t know your old password you can contact your school’s technician or the district phone support technician to have it resset.

VII - Check Voicemail From Your Own Phone


1. To check your voicemail from your own phone, press the MESSAGE button on the phone.

2. When prompted, type in your password followed by the # key. If you have trouble getting your password to work, contact your school’s technician or the district’s phone support technician and they can assist you in resetting the password.

a. Use option 1 to listen to new messages.

b. Use option 5 to change things like voicemail password or your recorded name.

c. Use option 6 to record your voicemail message.


VIII - Check Your Voicemail From Another Phone


1. Dial extension 5000, enter your own extension and then your password when prompted for each. The rest of the process is the same as detailed above.

Note: Please also keep in mind that we have the voicemail-to-email feature that allows you to receive a copy of all of your voicemails as email attachments. If you would like this feature turned on or off, please contact your school’s technician or the district phone support technician. This is set per extension.

IX - Check Your Voicemail From An Outside Phone

[*](when voicemail greeting begins)

1. Call your own extension from any phone outside the district (cell phones, home phones, etc.)

2. When you hear your own voicemail greeting begin, press the * key and you will be prompted for your password to check messages.

X - Forward a Voicemail Message

1. If you have a voicemail in your mailbox that you would like to forward to another individual:

a. Access your voicemail and when you have finished listening to the voicemail in question, press 3 to forward.

b. Press 1 to send to an individual. Be careful not to select anything else here as it could send the voicemail to every other voicemail box in the district.

c. It will ask you to record a message. This could be used to explain to the other party why you’re forwarding the message to them. Press # when you’re done recording.

d. It will then play your message as well as the voicemail you’re forwarding. Press 2 to confirm that this is what you want to forward. You do NOT have to listen to the entire message again, you can press 2 as soon as it starts playing.

e. Type in the extension of the person you’d like to forward the message to.

XI - Do Not Disturb Mode (Calls Go Directly To Voicemail)


1. First clear any notifications you have waiting on the screen such as missed calls or voicemail waiting.

2. There are four keys directly below the phone’s screen (known as softkeys). One of these is labeled “DND”. Pressing this key will activate “Do Not Disturb” mode. You will see a small box with the letters DND inside appear on the screen when DND is activated. This means that your phone will not ring at all. All calls will go directly to voicemail. Press DND again to turn it off.



XII - Placing Outside Calls


1. To place a call to an outside phone number you just have to dial the 10-digit phone number and press send (or wait for the call to connect). There are no codes needed to dial out.

XIII - Calling Another School/Phone



1. You can still call other schools by dialing the 4-digit code you used on the old phone system. “3”+3 digit school code. A listing of these codes can be found at the back of this sheet.

2. You can also call any of the new phones within the district with just the four- or six-digit extension. You simply dial the extension and press send or wait for the call to connect.

XIV - Managing Multiple Calls on a Single Phone

1. Each of the larger phones in the front office should have at least 3 buttons with the phone’s extension beside them. Each of these buttons is capable of answering that phone’s main line. If you receive a call while the phone is on the hook you just pick up the receiver like any other phone to answer the call. If you receive a second call while on the phone, you’ll see another of the lights begin to flash. Simply press the button for the flashing line to put the first caller on hold and answer the second. Repeat to pick up the first call and place the second on hold, or to pick up a third caller and leave the first two on hold.

Note: If your front office phone does not show multiple lines, please contact the district phone support technician and we will get the extra lines added ASAP.


XV - Obtaining Your Phone’s IP Address

(Needed by Technicians for Troubleshooting)

1. Clear any notifications you have waiting on the screen such as missed calls or voicemail waiting.

2. Press the OK button on the face of the phone.

3. Copy the first line of numbers that appears on the screen. This is the IP address. It will be a series of numbers formatted as such: 10.xx.xx.xx