Accessing your e-mail through a browser does not require any setup. Please follow the steps below to sign in using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

1. Go to the RSS Homepage and select "Staff" OR visit the sign-in page directly here and skip to step 3.

If your account was migrated to Office 365, you may use this portal to sign in, then skip to step 5 for fewer steps.

2. From the drop-down menu, select "E-mail - Outlook"

3. Enter your e-mail username and password.

Example: John Leonard Smith's username would be smithjl

Note: More than 5 incorrect attempts will lock you out of your account

4. You will now be signed in. If you did not use the direct link in step 1 and your account was migrated to Office 365, you may receive an error. Please clear your browser history, cache, and cookies then try again. You will then receive a link to redirect you to the Office 365 sign-in page.

5. Sign in using your e-mail username followed by You will then be re-directed one last time if you started from the school website.

Example: John Leonard Smith would use


6. Type your username and password in one last time. You will be prompted to save your sign-in information for fewer steps the next time you log in.

7. Sign in is complete.