Check Voicemail From Your Own Phone


1. To check your voicemail from your own phone, press the MESSAGE button on the phone.

2. When prompted, type in your password followed by the # key. If you have trouble getting your password to work, contact your school’s technician or the district’s phone support technician and they can assist you in resetting the password.

a. Use option 1 to listen to new messages.

b. Use option 5 to change things like voicemail password or your recorded name.

Use option 6 to record your voicemail message.

Check Your Voicemail From Another Phone


1. Dial extension 5000, enter your own extension and then your password when prompted for each. The rest of the process is the same as detailed above.

Note: Please also keep in mind that we have the voicemail-to-email feature that allows you to receive a copy of all of your voicemails as email attachments. If you would like this feature turned on or off, please contact your school’s technician or the district phone support technician. This is set per extension.