The driver currently installed on your computer is outdated. The copier currently added to your computer will have to be removed and re-added using an updated driver. Jump to the bottom of the page to download and install the drivers attached, then follow the instructions below to delete the copier and re-add it with an updated driver.

Note: These instructions will also work to add a copier to a computer on Mac OS Sierra (10.12) and above.

1. Open "System Preferences" and navigate to "Printers & Scanners."

2. Select the copier you are having issues with and click the “-“ button under the list field on the left. You will be asked to confirm.

3. To re-add it, click the "+" button under the list field on the left.


4. On the new window, select the IP tab at the top (with the grey globe icon)

5. Input the corresponding full Host Name of the copier next to “Address:” If you do not know the Host Name of the copier, please reach out to your technology facilitator or financial secretary.


6. Change the “Protocol” line to "Line Printer Daemon - LPD"

7. If "TOSHIBA ColorMFP” or “TOSHIBA MonoMFP” name appears in the "Use:" field at the bottom, skip to Step 11.


8.  If the "Use" option at the bottom says "Generic PostScript Printer" drop down the menu and choose "Select Software..."

9. In the top right corner’s search box type Toshiba.

10. If you are adding a color copier, select "TOSHIBA ColorMFP." If you are adding a black and white copier, select “TOSHIBA MonoMFP” from the list and click [OK] Do not click on the one that says X7 or you will receive a filter error.

11. Click the [Add] button followed by the [OK] button to complete the installation.

12. If “Unable to verify the printer on your network” press “Continue”


13. Change “Finisher” to Saddle Stitch Finisher (If available).


14. Change “External LCF” to installed. (If available).

15. Click [OK]

      Setup is now complete. Please try doing a test print following instructions for printing.