Disclaimer: This method will no longer work if your e-mail account was migrated to Office 365. Please see the updated article here.

How to setup Exchange e-mail on the Mac Mail App


1       Open the Mail app and select Exchange from the list. If you are not prompted with a list, follow Option 2 by opening System Preferences > Internet Accounts > Click the + icon to add an account, then proceed with Option 1.

Option 1: 

Option 2: 




2.     Type in your first and last name, then your full e-mail address. Click Sign In.


3.     Choose Configure Manually


4.     Type in your e-mail password, then click Sign In.

5.     When you receive this error message, select the username field and delete the e-mail in it, then change it to your username (First name, last and middle initial.) Example: Marty M McFly would be mcflypp


6.     Verify that your screen matches as shown below, then click Sign In:


7.     Check the applications you would like to sync with this account, then click Done.


8.     Account setup is now complete. All e-mails will load and may take up to 2 minutes to complete.